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That is the reason why there are no ideal representatives of Zodiac signs.

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This bright day-ruler is of masculine principle. It rules the sign of Leo and is associated with the element of Fire. Its nature is fixed, manifesting, visible. If in good aspects, there is nothing to stop your potentials to reach at least close to their maximum. The Sun in Scorpio makes one a Scorpio personality.

Scorpios are some of the most intriguing and, we daresay, controversial representatives of the Zodiac. Scorpio is intense and impulsive, but self-disciplined, deeply, almost painfully emotional and yet very reserved, self-confident and proud, but jealous, self-reliant, but very possessive.

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Scorpio is a Water element sign, which makes it flexible and strongly connected with the emotional and imaginary world. Scorpio is also a fixed sign, so expression of its energy is steady, concrete, direct and persistent. They are strong individuals, on all levels.

Planets in Scorpio do not show their face openly; that is the nature of the Scorpio. The Sun in Scorpio has the most difficult job in astrological terms, because it has to maintain this everlasting inner conflict in a sort of harmonious manner, so that one does not break. Scorpio controls emotions, before everything else and he or she has loads of emotions.

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The astrological task of the Scorpio sign is to recognize emotions, to know them and to overcome them. Scorpio is extreme and a very brave character. There is a special kind of inner strength in this independent, mysterious sign. A Scorpio trusts only him or herself. Scorpios are idealists, ready to sacrifice everything in order to fulfill their mission, to reach their ideals, to defend their cause or whatever of the sort. They are incredibly imaginative, intuitive and creative people. The Moon is the other side of the coin. The Moon does not rule over or presentation and expression, but feeling and impression.

The Moon is the planet of imagination, dreams and emotions. It is changeable, flexible and adaptable. The Moon is what you are, deep inside. It is a Water element planet, with a great influence over all water element sign, ruling primarily over Cancer. It defines our emotional self and supports our emotional development.

It supports everything we have in our Sun sign, nurturing our spirit and guiding us from deep within. Many times people cannot describe why they feel something or even why they made certain decisions or so. The Moon is an inner voice that guides us. The Moon is of feminine principle, mysterious and magical. The Moon rules over our deepest needs and desires that lie somewhere beyond our conscious mind. The Moon determines the way one is going to react to certain situations in life or in contact with different people.

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The Moon in Scorpio is drowned in the ocean of intense emotions. Scorpio is one of the Water element signs, meaning the Moon greatly affects its nature. Some astrologers say the Moon has even stronger influence over any of Water element signs that the Sun, even if the sign is a native.

They are characterized by strong and mystical, magnetic aura. These people are imaginative and deeply feeling beings.

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They are well aware of their emotionality, just as native Scorpios are. They rarely show their feelings openly. Moon Scorpios are guided by their incredibly good intuition; no way you could trick them or deceive these individuals. They are strong, noble and brave, not Cancer-like emotional. They are fatalistic, idealistic; everything in Scorpio Moon is put to extremes. They do not feel in shades between the black and white; each emotion is a story to itself.

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They tend to become possessive and obsessive. Double Scorpio is probably one of the most remarkable and easily recognizable Zodiac representative. This period of introspection could lead to greater self-awareness as well as an awareness of those around you.

New Moons are times of planting seeds, and the Scorpio New Moon urges us to plant the seed of expression. The Full Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio is always a dynamic event.

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During any Full Moon we feel the tug of war between opposing signs, and in this case, the passionate waters of Scorpio counter the practical Taurus Sun. This illuminating event could put a spotlight on what it is you really need in your life -- and what it is that needs to go.

It could appear like the Full Moon in Scorpio is taking you over to the dark side by rocking your relationships and finances. Fights and upsets during the Scorpio Full Moon create the opportunity for positive breakthroughs by eliminating bad habits or people from your life. The Moon is all about our feelings, and Scorpio is about intensity. This means that if you were born with the Moon in Scorpio you have a cauldron of emotion that can easily bubble over. Those with a Scorpio Moon in their natal chart know that not everyone can handle their passion and sensitivity, and over time they learn to hold their feelings in instead of expressing them.

Because the Moon rules our emotions, it has a huge impact on our romantic lives. People with a natal Scorpio Moon take their relationships seriously and want to feel a sense of deep, abiding kinship with their partners.