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Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Aliza Kelly. Cosmopolitan August 1, What to Read Next. Yahoo Lifestyle. Hello Giggles. Harper's Bazaar. Footwear News. Good Housekeeping. House Beautiful. Woman's Day. Yahoo Celebrity. Country Living. Mars and Venus both visit your sign in August, coupled with a full moon in your love zone, making this a birthday to remember.

Your allure is off the charts and you need only say the word for someone to practically lay themselves at your feet. Not to mention, a sexual awakening! Neptune has been upping your need for intimacy for a while now making you feel a little vulnerable on that front. Carry out a review of your intimacy needs this March-April and any issues of trust you may have so that you can make the most of the passionate moments that lie ahead.

Birth Chart: Priscilla Chan (Pisces)

November is another such time when you need to spend some time with your thoughts. Your popularity soars in January and March, August and November. You can also expect someone to go the extra mile for you at Christmas! Love has been hard work of late, dear Virgo, what with so many heavy-duty planets clogging up your love-zone. The eclipses are loosening things up in matters of the heart, helping you finally get unstuck, even if the situation seemed impossible up till now.

Expect dramatic developments! As a cherry on that cake, you have lucky Jupiter visiting your relationship house in December. Your struggles in love are about to get one very big pay off, dear Virgo. Be patient! Come February, you might already be welcoming some interesting advances. Neptune in your partnership zone for the best part of a decade now makes you hopelessly romantic when it comes to love so you might need to take a moment to discern fact from fiction in March.

All the better to make a fresh start! By the end of March-April and May, someone is already going the extra mile for you and showering you with gifts! And what better time to do so than the summer? The cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus, have chosen to bless your sign with their love union this year, in a special, passionate meeting on August 24 th , right on cue for your birthday season!

Get ready for things to heat up considerably in August-September! This is also the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe and looks if you so wish, with beauty planet Venus guiding your hand and Mars giving you the confidence to do it! Love Dates: 6 th January, 3 February - 1 March esp. Celebrate, dear Libra! This happens on March 6 th , right before two full moons in your sign - yes, one is a blue moon!

The eclipses have finally moved on from your love zone and your heart will feel more settled, especially from February and March onwards. Expect a fresh start on the relationship front this April, just as Venus brings some beautiful and interesting new people into your life. The cosmos has saved the best for last in with both planets, Mars and Venus visiting your sign during your birthday season and laying the world at your feet!

Use early October to revamp your looks and put your best foot forward in love. Expect the unexpected! Take nothing for granted in Jupiter is also bent on raising your stock and your self-esteem and you could find yourself scoring above average this year. You have a much greater need for freedom in your relationships going forward so an open relationship, or a long distance one, might be on the cards this year.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope by Prescient Priscilla

Still, this scenario could well suit you perfectly this year as you explore new horizons in love. You might meet someone whilst abroad, at a class or seminar, or in some other circumstance that makes it impossible to have a normal relationship. If so, it will be the intellectual stimulation that this person provides that will move you the most.

Listen to some good advice before you give yourself away and take March to review the contents of your heart. Your best period by far is October-December as Venus, then the Sun, then finally Mars give your ego a triple boost! But Mercury goes retrograde in your sign in November so you will have to consider carefully where you want to invest our energies.

Since you're here: Love Potential Tarot Reading. Jupiter could literally sweeps you of your feet, which is just what you need after losing all hope and scraping the bottom of the barrel with Saturn. The bad times are gone and the good times are here! If relationships were an abstract concept for you in recent years, they become much more real in The eclipses are forcing you to get down and dirty and work with others, crises, flaws and all.

Set boundaries and be sure to name your terms. Heck, you may even have already found your prince ss , plus you have some crazy stories to share at dinner parties, curtesy of Uranus in your love zone for the past 8 years. Time to leave all this fun and games behind and experience something more authentic.

Pisces - * New Love Coming In?? * - October 2019

This is an emotional year, Sagittarius. If you get too emotional do something to ground yourself. Work, potter about the house or repot some plants. Let someone show you how much you mean to them in April and June. Take a moment in July to bring yourself up to speed with new developments in your love life.

Sabian Symbol

The end of the year might well find you locked away with someone in a passionate embrace! Has your love life been deader than a doornail, dear Capricorn? Get ready for all that to change because is the year when you make a new beginning in every aspect of your life, including relationships. The eclipses have arrived in your sign, shaking things up and bringing major changes in your self-image and relationship status, your appearance and your overall outlook. Get ready to reinvent yourself this year - twice! As you do, others are sure to sit up and take notice.

July is a big month for relationships, with a particular person being instrumental in shedding light on hidden aspects of yourself and opening you up to new ways of connecting with others. Joining this cosmic shake up is Uranus in your house of true love from March 6 th and for some years to come.

Trying to make up for lost time? You might find yourself embarking on some crazy romantic adventures in that surprise even you! Whatever you require to accomplish your endeavours seems to come to you somehow, even if it is in the last moments. You are able to achieve equilibrium between what is possible and what is actual.

You are able to work well on a team; however you usually feel more at ease when working on your own. You are patient in your work efforts and persist regardless the duration, as you know the effort will be rewarded in the end. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage.

How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves.

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Pisceans are sensitive, kind, caring, unobtrusive, amiable, flexible, prophetic, private, mysterious, and altruistic with excellent intuition and a bend towards idealism learn about compatibility with Pisces here. However, when afflicted they are capable of being overly-emotional, fickle, gullible weaklings who wallow in their own despair and cannot make a decision. Aiding others helps them achieve balance within. In regards to love, Pisceans care about the little things and can be rather romantic.

They may place their partner on a pedestal, requiring their significant other to exhibit the traits that the Piscean has attributed to them and are often left wounded when their partner inevitably fails them. Disenchantment sets in when the Piscean learns that the partner was not necessarily who they originally thought they were. Similar to the image used to represent Pisces, the Piscean soul is pulled in opposing ways. This constant struggle can wreak havoc for a Piscean internally as they are never quite sure which path is the correct one to take, forcing them to listen solely to their gut instincts.

However, dealing with the internal chaos can cause so much tension for them that they turn to escapism via over-eating, substance abuse, or other indulgences. One part of the Piscean spirit drags them into the depths of despair while the other one is always striving to purify the soul, lifting the Piscean through the dirt by self-discipline, and allowing them to obtain a great deal of wisdom from their suffering. Pisceans must be mindful of the environment in which they surround themselves as they absorb energy without meaning to.

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A negative environment will have a devastating impact on them and should be avoided as much as possible. If they are able to keep the vibes around them positive, they can focus their inner talent for creativity in beneficial ways. A Piscean may be so highly attuned to what is going on around them that they will pick up on sensations and observations that most are blind to. Pisceans may at times seem to be set on a goal, but by nature they are not very sure of themselves and their determination may quickly falter if pressed.

A strong drive to achieve is not usually part of their makeup and they require a good deal of support and encouragement. Deciphering the array of complex emotions they possess is important to them. They can be very insecure, doubting their decisions at every turn; it is imperative that they develop confidence in their own capabilities. Pisceans can be very giving of themselves and aiding others in some way helps them to stay positive.

They are highly emotional people and when they are able to channel this energy to benefit others, they feel rejuvenated. Peaceful and sensitive, Piscean tend to avoid confrontations even when they are necessary. This unfortunately leads them to be part of sticky situations that they have a difficult time escaping from. No is not a word that is easy for a Pisces to say, instead they remain in negative situations believing that if they reform somehow, all will work itself out again.

They are apt to play the victim or the hero, depending on the circumstances, in order to remedy a hardship. Pisceans will usually give more weight to their heart than they would their brain when making decisions, and this can be easily manipulated by those who may not have their best interests in mind; they may empathise too readily when being told a sad tale. Their intentions are honourable, though it would be best for them to develop their rational sensibilities and learn to keep a more level head in these matters.

Pisceans can be rather private, though they are able to make social connections easily and remain faithful to them. Though they are not aggressive types, they will come to the defence of those they care about when necessary, in their own way. A Piscean can have trouble igniting that driving force that others may have more readily available to them.

This does not mean that Pisces are all lazy folk; however they do often spend more time procrastinating than actually doing what they are supposed to. Having a bit of time to themselves each day to regroup can actually motivate them to achieve more. Pisceans intuitively sense what they can and cannot do. Regrettably, this innate understanding may keep them from trying something they feel they will unable to accomplish.

The Fish can easily sink into despair over a negative comment from another, even if this comment was spoken with good intentions. At times the sensitive emotions of the Piscean will project slights where there were none. Pisceans often attempt to explain their behaviours as they are seeking true understanding from others. Unfortunately, due to their inability to handle confrontations, they will seem as though they are not being truthful while they twist words around trying to elicit an understanding of their true intentions. When they do something wrong, they would rather find a way to express their good intentions then to admit fault, even if this means being somewhat dishonest.

Flexibility and a tendency towards being fickle during your assertions are prevalent in this placement. You are quick to anger and may come across recurrent disturbances due to your moods. There is a predisposition towards doing things in great haste and if, heaven forbid, they take longer than you would prefer, you can find yourself in an instant rage.

You are strong-willed, impulsive, hasty, unrestrained, and have an unpredictable temper. It is unlikely that you will keep things in, as you prefer to speak your mind, letting everyone know just what you are thinking and where they stand. However, be mindful not to become controlling over others when your moods flare up. You will likely strive to be the centre of attention or at the least, in control of the situation. You dislike having to receive aid or pity from others in any way, as you feel this comes across as a weakness.

There is a probability that you will begin endeavours with zest, only to leave them incomplete when your excitement cools. You are self-sufficient, brave, and always up for an adventure. You dislike hearing others whine and grumble as you are prepared to engage whatever you encounter. It is important for you to get enough physical exercise as this allows you a positive outlet when your emotions are running high. You are often the first one to forge ahead into new undertakings. You may use your successes to hide deep rooted feelings that you are somehow not good enough.

The way you process, receive, and convey information tends to incorporate creativity, compassion, sensitivity, diplomacy, and idealism, while displaying prophetic tendencies. However, when afflicted you may become an overly-emotional, day-dreaming procrastinator who sluggishly goes about life half-sound. Motivating yourself to do something perceived as difficult can be met with formidable subconscious resistance and you may find yourself somehow distracted, skirting your responsibilities, and unable to organise yourself.

Artistic ventures are more apt to ignite your passions than technical endeavours. You may turn your nose up at traditional methods of education yet find yourself almost absorbing information from thin air when you are truly fascinated by a topic. The energies that you encounter in your environment have an immense influence on you and therefore you must be mindful of the situations you surround yourself with. Occasional seclusion from the world is necessary for you to replenish your inner balance and serenity. However, do not cut yourself off to such a degree that you become obsessed about your own short comings, as you can tend to wallow in despair if left alone for too long.

You may find that you heal better through alternative methods such as visual aids or massage therapy. Creative or artistic subjects will usually hold your attention, especially those involving the written word, acting, or music as you can be quite imaginative. It may be easier for you to convey your thoughts in creative ways rather than articulating yourself verbally; you are a bit scatter-brained and your speech may jump around, making you seem less intelligent than you really are. You are more likely to be guided by your intuition than being forced to accommodate concrete conclusions based on hard data.

Often you understand how others are feeling prior to them understanding it themselves. You may at times become so lost in your own internal world that you are blind to the physical state of things going on around you. For you, nothing is impossible and you have a fantastic way of keeping your mind open to possibilities. Non-physical realms exist to you the same way that the physical realm does and your initial inklings about others are unusually spot-on.

This gut intuition of yours does not seem to require hard data to be accurate; you just get a sense of things and people. Your thoughts may go down many unexpected roads which affect you a great deal; therefore it would be most beneficial for you to focus on staying positive mentally. Venus naturally craves partnerships, socialising, warmth, and love, while Aries is direct, commanding, and a strong leader.

These two combined will bestow you with a tendency towards pursuing your relationships with great fervour. Your emotions are quickly ignited and you enthusiastically take charge in social situations and romantic endeavours. You decide what you want and you go get it.

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However, be mindful not to pursue interests only for the sake of pursuing them and not because you truly desire them; you often discard the object of your desire once the chase has ended and you have completed your conquest. Therefore, it is likely that your romantic affairs begin in an intense burst of exhilaration and passion, only to temper off into a pale remnant of what they once were.

You will always find new pursuits to master, and you will chase them as if going into battle; nothing will dissuade you. The most negative trait that Venus possesses is the tendency towards people pleasing and becoming overly accommodating for the sake of harmony. Therefore you may find that with this aspect you seek out partners that will insist you accommodate their needs and wishes, forcing you to put your own aside.

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An Aries Venus placement insists that you are a leader, though do not control, that you are accommodating, though not a doormat. You are self-sufficient and have a spontaneous style towards romantic involvements. You enjoy competition and may become quarrelsome only for the sake of having a short-lived thrill. You may need to be mindful of the consequences your actions have on others and develop consideration for their needs, instead of always looking out for yourself.

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  • Try also to cultivate patience, as your tendency towards haste can become a major obstacle for you. You are assertive, spontaneous, and always ready to start on a ground-breaking new adventure. You dislike being held back or having others control your actions in any way. You make a much better leader than you do a subordinate. Often you are strong-willed, impetuous, and unwilling to wait. When you want something, you go full speed ahead, without paying much attention to any objections or obstacles put in your path.

    You thoroughly enjoy and seek out challenges that allow you to demonstrate your capabilities. Collaborating peacefully with others does not come easily to you and you can be a bit self-centred, looking out for your own best interests with little regard to others needs; it is all about YOU. You are unable to accept any aid from others as you do not wish to be viewed as weak. You insist that things be done the way you want them to be, whether or not this is the most beneficial direction to take in the matter.

    Your strongest skill lies in pioneering; you excel in getting the ball rolling, though will opt out quickly when the endeavour takes longer than you expected. Long term dedication to an assignment is not easy for you. It may be best to stick with projects that you can finish in a shorter time frame. Drive, vitality, and zest are native to you. Though make sure to mind how much energy you exert, as you can throw yourself in full-force, only to wear yourself out prematurely.

    Exercise is important to you as you need an outlet for the immense amount of physical energy you possess; you are likely to be quite fit and healthy. There is a tendency to be accident-prone. Try to mind your temper and desire to rush forward too quickly, without thinking things through first. Develop a strategy for seeing an assignment through to the end before starting a new one. The current state of human affairs is likely to mean a great deal to you. You feel we are all tied together and should collaborate for a better future.

    It is likely that you will become involved in many projects where you are working with a large team of people, as you believe this will help you to grow as a person. Due to your innovative ideas, great common sense, sociability, and intellectual pursuits you are able to coordinate with almost anyone.

    You are friendly and accepting with strong intuition. You are easily able to manage large groups of people harmoniously due to your diplomatic talents; human relations in business may be appealing to you. You have immense self-control and restraint when needed. You are able to understand people and intricate situations with remarkable accuracy and have no trouble manoeuvring any circumstance you find yourself in. A managerial or administrative ability is also present. Your intuition is exceptionally strong and you may experience premonitions.

    Outwardly you may keep your thoughts to yourself as you can be very private about your life and others may find you tough to read. Difficult situations do not faze you as you are capable of conquering almost anything you encounter or have the ability to figure it out.

    You are diligent and dedicated in your undertakings and are able to wait as long as need be to achieve your most cherished goals. Saturn bestows excellent perception while Mars adds a strong drive, creating an unbeatable force to be reckoned with. However, you may need to be mindful of a tendency towards unyielding, inflexible, vengeful, bitter, callous, or even cruel behaviour. There is also a possibility of becoming power-hungry or preoccupied with money or success. This placement denotes a necessity to reform your inner yearnings and it will be imperative that you allow situations to develop as they may, rather than holding on to a desired outcome, person, or object; surrender and release.

    Your body is affected by this tendency as well and you may experience health issues that revolve around your bowels, colon, or elimination processes such as your kidneys or gall bladder. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is.

    Learning and acquiring information is important to you, though you may insist that each new piece of data be proven scientifically before accepting it as valid. Also, you will find yourself readily sharing the new information you have acquired with others. Your mental make-up includes a methodical approach to creating, something that you much enjoy doing.

    There may be a tendency to be impatient and domineering intellectually, as pride is something you need to keep an eye on. Your insistence on always being right may create conflict for you with your family or community and you will often embark on many short-lived intellectual adventures to obtain the constant stream of data you crave. You may also possess ability for the written and spoken word. You tend to be rather emotional in your romantic involvements, as well as your involvements with children. In fact, all situations where children are present are emphasised. Though quite charming, you can be moody and fickle in your romantic relationships.

    Your craving to be loved and needed by another person may need to be tempered. You are likely to place too high a significance on enjoying yourself and being showered with attention from others. It is important to you to be able to express your emotional state at all times and to find pleasing circumstances. Your constant mood swings may stifle your creative pursuits. In a career, you are often drawn to teaching positions involving children or some sort of theatrical endeavour where your creativity may come forward.

    In either case, situations in your life tend to be dramatic.