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Once there are opportunities, they will have courage to do. So it is easy for them to get good luck and gain fame and fortune. However, they are likely to lose heart and have no appetite for the fight when encounter obstacles. Ask for help from others will be helpful to bridge over difficulties. The men are of great enthusiasm in love and work.

The women are lively, quick-witted and helpful. They are usually ideal housewives and capable assistants in career. The Pig people born during the evening usually have a strong sense of self-centeredness.

They would like to do things confidently and full of valour and vigour. These make them fit to be leaders. However, they are easily to act in disregard of other people's opinions due to too much self-confidence.

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The women are usually intelligent to be perfect secretaries. In house works, although sometimes they only act upon their own judgment, they can still be good housewives. People under the Pig sign are honest and frank and have no trickery, and they would rather be frank than euphemistic. They like to pursue power in the open and aboveboard means and they are just and upright inside. Although Pig people like to pursue material, they never rely on free riding but true skill and genuine knowledge.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Kids – Girls

People born in the years of Pig are kind-hearted, pure and simple, thus widely welcomed by others. Like the Sheep people, they are kind-hearted, friendly and in harmony with the rest of the world; they never bear grudges or give tit for tat. The obvious strength of Pig people is that they are tolerant to both others and self. They are large-minded and tend to forgive others' past misdeeds, even if they are really cheated, thus often respected by many people. Although Pig people are lazy, they are determined, industrious, conscientious, brave, persistent and dauntless, and exert to their utmost no matter what activities they participate.

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In particular, they are brave enough to undertake any work assigned and go all out to finish it. Therefore, they are totally reliable and can strive by themselves. In terms of interpersonal communication, they are not good at diplomacy but completely sincere, so they do not lack of friends and good luck with the opposite sex due to their warm heart and sincerity.

They are simple-minded, open and upright and will never betray friends or be competitive with friends; also, they adhere to honesty and make true friends. When it comes to love relationship, Pig people are innocent, romantic and tender, and often leave a favorable impression on the opposite sex. Males are strong and considerate and make others feel the strong sense of security; also, they are particularly keen to accumulate wealth and can make their lovers live a rich life, thus have extremely good luck with the opposite sex.

Females are innocent and pure, and tend to be plump, and very tasteful on diet and dressing; after getting married, they value family very much and love to perform the duty of a wife. Being honest, Pig people are proud of their achievements out of hard work and rarely become a liar or thief. They live active lifestyles and never seem to run out of energy. They are naturally healthy but can sometimes overlook minor symptoms that may lead to health complications. Pigs are also often busy with their careers. They can even be affected by changes in the season so they must remember to make time for some rest and relaxation.

If they are not mindful of what they eat, they can be prone to diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems. The year of the Rat, particularly the second half, is looking excellent for Pigs. They may face some challenges early on but luck should be on their side by fall. There are also several unlucky stars on their horizon so they might find themselves losing their temper and concentration more often than usual.

They may even lose a small amount of money in investments. Pigs must also learn to mind their own business and not get too nosy or else they will get themselves in some trouble that could have been avoided.

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Their health may also be a cause for concern. Meanwhile, Pigs who have creative minds and good judgment will have many opportunities for financial gain. The year of the Rat should be full of opportunities and excitement with regards to their romantic life. The Peach Blossom luck is particularly strong for Pigs so those single are likely to meet many potential partners while it should be an interesting and stable year for those who are married or in a committed relationship. In fact, they may come to realize that they are the couple everyone around them envies.

There may still be quarrels between them and their partners but as long as they keep communicating, they should be able to maintain a strong relationship. The financial outlook for Pigs in the year of the Rat is looking mediocre. They will have a stable income but they must resist the temptation to spend their money on luxury items. Pig who are working for commission such as those in the field of insurance or real estate should prepare for a year of many highs and lows.

They should stay away from making big financial decisions and stay away from gambling as much as possible. The luck of Pigs with regards to their careers is looking very good for the year of the Rat. In fact, their chances of getting a raise in salary or even a promotion are significantly high. Whatever venture they have in mind, they are likely to succeed.

However, Pigs might get stressed out at work because of so-called friends who may be plotting against them and stabbing them in the back.

Year of the Pig: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Pig Fortune & Personality)

They may even be brought to court because of some legal issues. Nevertheless, everything should turn out fine as long as they stay calm and persevered. The health of Pigs are not looking too well in the year of the Rat. They may experience more health issues throughout the year than usual.

The Story of the Pig

Pigs must also be extra cautious when dining out with families because they may fall victim to food poisoning more than once. They are certainly better off eating at home. The months to be mindful of their health are March, August, October, and December. Pigs should be careful when driving in March and July.

Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the water element. A bigger heart of gold there may not be in all the Chinese zodiac but the Wood Pig will not hesitate in manipulating people and situations so they can have what they want. Money seems to find the Wood Pig whenever they want or need it and business ventures always seem to have a way of getting off the ground when this Chinese zodiac animal is involved.

Those born in The Year of the Wood Pig are natural communicators. They always seem to know exactly what people want to hear and are able to sway others. The Fire Pig is a force of nature and completely motivated by love. They know no fear of any kind because their optimism gives them a sort of blindness to anything negative or potentially harmful. Further, that same optimism gives them a confidence few have as it simply never occurs to them that they could fail; ironically they rarely do.

Those born in The Year of the Fire Pig will work like the proverbial demon to accumulate true and lasting wealth so as to provide for their friends and family. The Fire Pig is in their element when surrounded by large groups of people.

Chinese Zodiac Pig/Boar Child Personality & Traits | Chinese Zodiac for Kids

To that end, they make great heads of companies, states, countries, etc. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the fire element. The Earth Pig is grounded, patient, dedicated and enduring. Their willpower is the stuff stories of heroes are made of. Kind, thoughtful and sensible, those born in The Year of the Earth Pig usually find financial success and stability.

What they want most is a happy and peaceful home life. The Earth Pig loves to indulge in food, drink and laughter. At times they can over do it with the food and drink but that is not the norm for this fairly well balanced Chinese Pig. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the earth element. Fixed Element: Water. Color: Purple. Number: Numerology: 5.