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The Native Americans consider the medicine wheel to be a tool for spiritual development; if you manage to integrate the medicine of the twelve spirit animals and learn how to use their strengths, you will be able to raise your level of consciousness. Medicine: The capacity to see situations clearly, make rapid decisions, and bring projects to life Uses: When undertaking new projects or relaunching existing ones.

Medicine: The capacity to work hard, to appreciate the material things in life, and to achieve success by being methodical Uses: When extra effort and concentration are needed. Medicine: The capacity to love and to see inner beauty in everyone, and through this to create dialogue and communication Uses: When compassion, love, friendship, and acceptance are lacking. Medicine: The capacity to listen to your intuition and to stay faithful to your principles, in whatever situation you find yourself Uses: To reconnect with your inner voice. Medicine: The capacity to express boundless enthusiasm and face up to any situation with great courage Uses: In situations where guidance, direction, courage, and energy are needed.

Medicine: The capacity to accept change easily, to adapt, and to live each experience to the fullest Uses: For letting go and welcoming change with joy. Medicine: The capacity to seek out truth and justice in all circumstances Uses: In ambiguous, unclear situations, to find the path to follow and to restore order. Medicine: The capacity to wait for the right moment before taking action Uses: In situations where patience is needed. Medicine: The capacity to listen to your inner child and to enjoy life with passion and freedom Uses: To create change and bring newness into your life.

If you order transits, I can also give you shamanic remedies to help you make the most of your future situations. Each interpretation is approximately ten pages, perhaps more. For all but the last item, you need to have an in-person reading done. For the last item, call a phone psychic. If you came to my office in person with a tape recorder, and I just talked and never had to touch a keyboard, the fee would be fixed by my usual barter rules.

If you cannot come for a reading in person and would like to order an astrological reading, fill out the relevant parts of the following form.

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Your Email Address. This gives detailed information about one person, covering the placements of planets in signs and houses, and the aspects between them. It can be done for anyone whose complete birth information you have. When choosing a totem, find a symbol to represent that totem and keep it on you, or in a sacred place in your home. For instance, I always wear a silver raven ring. This token will help you to communicate with your totem, and it will protect and guide you both in magical and mundane affairs. Keeping ravens and crows as pets is also illegal. Raven artwork is all around us.

Native American artists have created artifacts, T-shirts, emblems, and all sorts of sacred raven art. Raven and Crow are favorite subjects in traditional Chinese and Japanese art. I have found raven paintings by local Japanese and Chinese artists in San Francisco.

Medicine for Women ~ with Shaman Jeremy White and Tim Raven

Raven art is catching on in Western Culture, especially among Celtic and Norse style artists. I now find ravens in jewelry, decals, T-shirts, and altar cloths, available from vendors in local craft fairs, Scottish and Celtic Games, Scandanavian festivals, Renaissance fairs and other historical re-enactment fairs. You'd be surprised where you can find ravens. I have found wooden and metal ravens in antique stores. Halloween is an especially good season to find raven designs sold as decorations. Many artists and craftspeople are open to suggestion, and available for commissions. The more people that ask for raven designs, the more they will show up in the marketplace!

Pull these cards out and use them in meditation, trance work, spirit guide work. Sacred Times Raven represents winter, because of their ability to endure the cold. My husband, who was stationed in Greenland with the Army in the 's, saw only two animals the year he was there - arctic foxes and ravens! Raven also represents night, their ebony plumage reminding us of the Dark Moon.


Raven magic is very potent at this time of month when the majesty of the starry universe unfolds above us. Raven is an ideal guide on the path of the deepest mysteries. The intelligence and adaptability of Raven really makes Her an appropriate totem for any time or season. Astral Travel There are many chants and songs that can be used to invoke Raven. A traditional Scottish chant to shapeshift into a crow for astral traveling , while holding a crow or raven's feather: From the witch trial of Isobel Gowdie I shall go into a crow with sorrow and such and a black thraw And I shall to in the Devil's name Until I come home again!

Prophecy and Divination I have fled in the shape of a raven of prophetic speech. To invoke Raven as bird of prophecy, you can use the old English rhyme used to interpret omens by the number of ravens, crows, or rooks seen in a flock:. Keep a raven feather or artifact with your divination tools. Ravens especially preside over dark tools such as dark mirrors and onyx scrying balls, but can be used with any tool. Dreamwork Raven is an excellent dream guide.

Primal Astrology - Spirit of the Raven

Most Native American craft stores will sell dream wheels or you can make your own. Attach a raven feather or artifact to the wheel and hang it over your bed. Powerful and prophetic dreams will come your way.

Magic Circles When drawing a circle using Raven imagery, clothe yourself in dark flowing robes. In the Morganian tradition of Wicca, the Raven priestess circles the perimeter nine times in honor of the nine priestesses of Avalon. Adding raven feathers to your tools for instance attaching the black feathers to your wand, staff, athame, shield, drum, pentacle or crafting your tools in the shape of ravens is a powerful way to use Raven Magic. I have also worn a raven mask when drawing down the Raven Goddess, Morgan.

Trance Use Raven to guide you into trance. There are many poems and songs dedicated to Raven that you can use to guide you. Teacher of warriors, and of sex, spells that heal and spells that hex Raven, come to us now! Twin birds of memory and thought Who brought the knowledge Odin sought Raven, come to us now!

When doing a healing circle for an absent friend, the energy can be sent in the form of a raven. If you are working directly with someone who is ill, you can use raven feathers to stroke their body, collecting and drawing out the negative energy, to be shaken out and cleansed later. Raven is powerful medicine. In nature, Ravens will mob their enemies if they come too near their nest. Ward your home or business against malefactors with the spirits of warrior ravens, like Owein's Raven Army, the Morrigan, or the Valkyres. When you invoke their fearless spirits, nothing can prevail against you.

Annotated Bibliography I have an ever growing Corvid library.

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Here are some of my favorites! Very thorough. An absolute MUST for raven lovers. Crows and Jays: A Guide to the Crows, Jays and Magpies of the World, by Steve Madge and Hilary Burn, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, An encyclopedia of Corvidae with over one hundred entries, color drawings, details of their identification, habitats, voice, breeding, diet, distinctive habits, etc. This book is for the serious corvidologist. A wonderful gift for a child. The sequel to Ravens in Winter.

Very thorough and readable. Symbolic and Mythological Animals, by J. Paul, Minnesota, A manual on how to work with animal totems and spirits. Lifespan A wild raven can live more than thirty years. Huginn and Muninn, every day They fly over earthground. I fear for Huginn, that he may not return. But even more, I fear for the loss of Muninn. One for bad news, Two for mirth. Three is a wedding, Four is a birth. Five is for riches, Six is a thief.

Seven, a journey, Eight is for grief.

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Nine is a secret, Ten is for sorrow. Eleven is for love, Twelve - joy for tomorrow. Keeper of the sacred well Where the faerie spirits dwell Raven, come to us now!